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Every pair is custom made and not ready made


Zylux lenses is designed by top notch blanks with cutting edge algorithmic technology


Zylux lenses offers better design at 30-40% lower prices with easy upgrade options.


Zylux lenses is India's most simplistic looking brand comprising of 3 PAL Design.


Zylux Lenses promises to be available at select optical outlets with one market one player.

About Zylux

Custom Engineered Spectacle Lenses

The Zylux portfolio of lenses comes with one Clear Promise Cutting Edge technology at prices which no other brand today comes even Close to Zylux lenses are designed in the state of the Art European designed company renowned for its R&D into science that keeps improving the design possibilities in the spectacle lenses industry.

Using a combination of these advanced algorithms, the world’s best blanks and state of the art manufacturing equipment.

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General Questions

Yes, we have many brands available in the market today furthermore Zylux has made a niche for itself considering the fact what technology Zylux has to offer at down to earth prices.

Zylux being a millennial startup has created a separate ecosystem to build the brand – an Ecosystem of contract manufacturing which helps Zylux to get the best of the world technologies by tying up with Asia Pacific’s most experienced manufacturing unit in the spectacle lenses business.

As We Say in Zylux “Every pair is custom made” we are one of those companies who believes in quality production rather than quantity production. At Zylux all your detailed parameters of your eyes along with the parameter of your selected frame is taken into consideration while procuring your lens.

Zylux is a completely customer-focused and customer-oriented company as we give the highest emphasis on our customer needs. Zylux offers a one Year Coating Peel off Guarantee from the date of sale along with a One Month progressive adaptation guarantee from the date of sale. Although Zylux has a minute 1.3 percent after-sale service flows.

Being a millennial startup and in the coming age technology generation, taking things digital in Zylux was obvious right from ordering systems to even after-sale service and implementation of live Chabot are few aggressive steps that Zylux invested even though a relatively new entrant in the market. Zylux is also working aggressively on live tracking of the manufacturing process in order to get a complete picture to our customer about the stage of the manufacturing process while making the lens.

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