Zylux ATL Technology

Add To Life

Zylux ATL is a technology specifically designed to improve comfort when viewing electronic devices smart-phones, tablets, computers)

+ Features

  • Makes specific changes in the Add power
  • Widens the reading area
  • Makes focusing sharper and more Agile
  • Improves Ergonomics

Add To Life Technology

Most of us spend about 3-8 hours a day using our mobile phones and other digital devices.

Shuffling between these devices and the far distance requires the eyes to keep shifting the focus constantly.

ATL technology  makes  specific changes in the Add power  and insets to allow for a wider and more optimised area for intermediate and reading.

This helps you achieve an improved visual experience while using digital devices but also helps you get 

  • More Agile focus
  • Less effort
  • Relaxed eyes
  • Reduced eye strain
  • More ergonomic postures

This makes it the ideal Multi purpose lens technology for people who use digital devices a lot.

This Technology is Available in 

  • Zylux Personalized Progressive Series 7
  • Zylux Office Lens & Zylux Anti-Fatigue Lens