Lenses For 40+ Age

As we grow over 40 years of age, our eyes' ability to focus on objects closer to us is getting weaker. Nature gave us a lens inside our eye which usually does this job efficiently. This lens has a “plus” power of up to +3.00. Gradually, we need to keep assisting our lens for the “lost power”

Zylux Progressive Range

Lenses For 40+ Age

In a progressive lens, instead of getting two numbers – one for far and one for near, you get multiple numbers blended seamlessly into one lens. Your eyes may need different lens powers for working at different distances,

Because the lens in your eye has contracted only that much for each distance as a natural phenomenon- and the rest of it needs to be compensated for. To make a progressive lens,

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Progressive Lenses

Zylux Blended Bifocal Lenses

40MM Reading Zone - Highest in the world

The conventional lens technology would deploy a bifocal lens with visible lines. Thanks to the digital designs, technology Zylux brings you the No Line Bifocal – a lens which helps you see both far and near without any annoying and age revealing lines. (The dotted lines indicate the reading area – these lines are not visible in the lens) Image courtesy iot.es

Since the lens uses the Zylux engine, it ensures precise power calculations at every point. In a nutshell what you get in the lens is

+ Features

  • Fully personalized digital bifocal lens
  • Large distance vision and curved segment at the bottom for reading
  • Wide fields of clear vision
  • No distortions on the side like a basic progressive
  • No distortion or swim effect
  • High precision thanks to Zylux  
  • Variable inset (the ability to define where the reading area should be – unlike normal bifocals where it is pre-set)
  • Thickness reduction – the lens is made according to the frame and not a pre made lens which is cut into the frame.