Zylux SunX Lenses

Photochromatics Lens

Lenses which respond to Sunlight – the darken when exposed to Sunlight and come back to being clear indoors. Zylux SunX Premium is our value for money Sun reactive lens, offered in one index in most lenses.

SunX Premium is the fastest reacting, clearest indoor Sun Reactive lens. This is offered in most indices and ranges including large sports glasses.

SunX Lenses

Zylux Polarized Lenses

Sunglasses Range

Polarized Lenses eliminate reflected glare and allow you to see clearer than any other sun lens.

Zylux offers the widest range of Polarised Lenses for :

  • Single Vision
  • Sports Sunglasses
  • Sports Progressive Lenses 

In addition, you can have all these lenses made with Mirrored Lenses. No compromise on Fashion or Function.

Polarized Lenses