Office Goers

Lenses For Office Goers

The Progressives that we talked about In the section above divide the lens into almost 3 equal zones vertically – Distance , Near and Intermediate .

For a lot of people , most of their visual requirement falls in the Intermediate area. Examples of this could be 

+ Recommended 

  • Computer screens
  • A chef’s working desk
  • A doctors examination area
  • A Painters working area and many more.

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Office Goers

Makes life simple right?

The only catch is you cannot use this lens for driving or watching tv from a distance or even for walking around beyond your office.

The lens is ideal for people who spend most of their time in their work space and want 100 % efficiency for that . Most working professionals keep this as their primary working pair and a classic progressive as their day to day activity pair.

+ The main benefits of the Zylux Office lens then are:

  • Personalized office lens
  • Exclusive for indoor environment. Not suitable for driving
  • Large intermediate and near visual field
  • Ergonomic position for working indoors
  • Improves vision for wearers using electronic devices thanks to Zylux ATL technology
  • High precision and personalization thanks to Zylux CEV 
  • Variable inset (customized reading area) and thickness reduction (who doesn’t want thinner lenses)

Please ask your Expert Optician to check if this lens will fulfil your requirements and for further customisation of the lens for your specific needs.