General Questions

Yes, we have many brands available in the market today furthermore Zylux has made a niche for itself considering the fact what technology Zylux has to offer at down to earth prices.

Zylux being a millennial startup has created a separate ecosystem to build the brand – an Ecosystem of contract manufacturing which helps Zylux to get the best of the world technologies by tying up with Asia Pacific’s most experienced manufacturing unit in the spectacle lenses business.

As We Say in Zylux “Every pair is custom made” we are one of those companies who believes in quality production rather than quantity production. At Zylux all your detailed parameters of your eyes along with the parameter of your selected frame is taken into consideration while procuring your lens.

Zylux is a completely customer-focused and customer-oriented company as we give the highest emphasis on our customer needs. Zylux offers a one Year Coating Peel off Guarantee from the date of sale along with a One Month progressive adaptation guarantee from the date of sale. Although Zylux has a minute 1.3 percent after-sale service flows.

Being a millennial startup and in the coming age technology generation, taking things digital in Zylux was obvious right from ordering systems to even after-sale service and implementation of live Chabot are few aggressive steps that Zylux invested even though a relatively new entrant in the market. Zylux is also working aggressively on live tracking of the manufacturing process in order to get a complete picture to our customer about the stage of the manufacturing process while making the lens.

All the four coating options of Zylux are tried & tested both in terms of quality & durability however our Zylux HI-DEF coating is the highest-selling coating from the product line of Zylux, thanks to its features and price in the offering.   

All our 1.6 index lenses are standard MR8 material (Mitsui resin) from Japan which are impact-resistant material and comes with a 1-year breakage guarantee from the date of sale.

The delivery timing for any Rx lenses in Metro cities stands at 7 business days after the order placed and outside metro city stands at 8 business days and any Finished Single vision lenses without (*) mark stands at 2 business days after the order placed in metro cities & 3 days in non-metro cities.

The maximum base curves definitely depend on any particular prescription although Zylux has the technology to make up to a 10.00 base curves with nominal prescriptions.

Always rinse the lenses with water to remove dust or grit. A mild soap or eyeglass spray will also be helpful. A clean microfiber cloth will dry the lenses without streaking.

Yes, eyeglass lenses can break. We only use safety-grade polycarbonate, Trivex, MR8 materials lenses in children’s eyeglasses. These materials are significantly more impact-resistant than other lens materials for added safety.

Eyeglass lenses get microscopic scratches over time. This makes them less clear and causes a lot of glare, especially with night driving. Even if your prescription remains the same updating the lenses and frame at least every 1 year is recommended.

Reflections on the surface of the lenses can be very bothersome. Antireflection coatings make it possible to see more clearly and comfortably. Again, there is a wide variation in the quality of anti-reflection coatings. Cheaper lens scratches and peels easily.

Polarized lenses block glare from water, pavement, and reflective surfaces, making for a more clear and comfortable vision. They are the best alternatives for outdoor activities like Travelling in the sun, Hiking & Trekking & also while driving a car in the sun. 

The internet offers a convenient shopping experience for many things.  However, there are some concerns when it comes to eyewear.

The cons of buying glasses online:

  • You don’t get to try the glasses on or have someone help you in person.
  • It is hard to measure your own pupil distance, which you need to order your glasses. Some experts say it’s like trying to cut your own hair.
  • It may be difficult to return the glasses.
  • A large study found about half the online glasses had the wrong prescription or other problems.
  • An incorrect prescription may give you blurred vision or make your eyes feel uncomfortable.
  • Especially with progressive glasses, there are other fitting measurements that need to be exact that are usually measured in person when you try on the frames.

The size, shape, curvature, and fit of the frame need to be matched to the doctor’s prescription for the eyewear to function properly. Trained opticians are skilled in the custom fitting of your eyewear. Simply supplying a PD measurement is not enough.

The simplest answer we can give is a definitive and resounding NO! But, we understand this question and the concerns that come along with it, especially if you’re about the start wearing glasses for the first time in your life. 

Allow us to explain.: Eyeglass lenses are a device that focuses light directly on the retina. They will not cause your eyes to weaken. Individuals become more dependent on their glasses because unfocused vision is undesirable. Once a clear vision is established, people will desire a clear focused vision constantly. So use your glasses properly and you won’t have any problems.

An Optometrist is a qualified and certified professional recognized by the Government of India for Eye Health check-ups and primary eye care.

An Optometrist, takes care of full primary eye care, vision care, vision therapy, and prescribes eye glasses and contact lenses whereas an Ophthalmologist can treat many eye diseases and perform eye surgeries and are also qualified to prescribe medicines for different treatment of eye disease.

Customers use bifocal or progressive lenses in essentially the same manner.  As the name suggests Bifocal lenses have two focus points to see for distance as well as the near vision up to 30-40 cm at a normal reading distance with one dividing line, although if you have some intermediate distance work which is common as we do a lot of work on computers & laptops in the intermediate zone which is absent in bifocals.

Progressives lenses offer a clear vision for distance, intermediate, and near. They are cosmetically better while may take little time to adapt.

It’s a matter of time for your eye muscle to adjust to anything new for instance if you have been using a car model viz., ABC & then you change the model to XYZ definitely you will take some time to adjust to the mechanics of the new model. The same goes for Progressive lenses if you have been wearing bifocal lenses for some time now it will relatively take some time to adjust with new-age glasses although once you are settled it will be a treat to your eyes.

It’s a matter of time or even a few hours we could say Thanks to the cutting edge technology offered while making a progressive lens.

Progressive lenses offer one of a kind technology that offers surpassed vision across all zones and the process & the science behind making the lens itself incurs huge research & development cost which includes years of research on the human eye & its behaviors before making or designing the progressive lenses.

Yes, Definitely Progressive lenses are available in a vast variety & variations and are available for all types of sunglasses in colorful tints along with polarized & mirror reflections.

Blue rays are or we call it blue light is high energy wavelengths in the visible light spectrum having shorter wavelengths and is known to be dangerous for the human eye and can damage the retina along with other neurology disorder affecting the overall brain functions and damaging sleep habits of an Individual.

The main sources of blue rays are electronic gadgets like Computers, Laptops, Mobile phones, LED’s, LCD’s etc.

All blue rays are not harmful blue rays, remember there are few blue rays that are touted to be good blue rays and are essential proteins required for your eyes. The blue filter lenses do the exact justice by allowing beneficial blue rays to enter your eyes and thus restricting harmful & unwanted blue rays from entering your eyes.

In the current tech generation, we mostly spend a considerable amount of time on smartphones and tablets along with laptops and other gadgets so definitely blue filter glasses are recommended for the masses of any age or gender.

Photochromic glasses are a special type of molecular-based glasses which darkens when it reacts with sunlight & goes back to its clear form when indoor.

If You have a majority of your work outdoor and minimum indoor work then Photochromic glasses are the best suited for your need.

MR8 stands for Mitsui Resin- 8 a special impact-resistant material used especially for Rimless frames.

The answer is a clear No- Any spectacle fiber glasses are scratch-resistant but never scratch-proof however expensive it may be.

The plastic monomer or polymer glasses always have a hard coating on both surfaces for protection of scratches also thanks to new age coating solutions as well which helps in prevention of scratches on the glasses.

It is highly recommended to test your eyes every one year as proper eye tests might not only help you to early detect any bigger eye health problem but it is also proven to detect other dangerous diseases like cancer.

For the long run of any spectacle kindly use both hands to wear & remove the frame simultaneously avoid using one hand to remove the frame as it might disbalance the frame alignment causing vision problems.

Yes, it’s highly recommended for a secondary pair as without glasses it’s impossible to do daily chores efficiently, the secondary pair acts as a shield in emergency situations like sudden breakage of glasses or forgetting your favorite pair of glasses on your last flight.

Sunglasses is the most important accessory in today’s time it not only adds to your style statement but also protects your eyes from harmful UV rays which can damage your retina. It acts as a sunscreen for your eyes.

Pupillary Distance (PD) measures the distance between the centers of your pupils. This measurement is used to determine where you look through the lens of your glasses and should be as accurate as possible.

Starting with the right eye, line up the zero end of the ruler at your pupil; measure the distance from your right to your left pupil. The millimeter number that lines up with your left pupil is the measurement you want. That number is your PD.

All customized lenses are tailor-made according to your prescription and the frame parameters keeping in mind thus helping the lenses look thinner & lighter after their manufacturing process.