Custom Engineered Vision

What does personalized lenses mean? Aren’t all lenses personalized for my number ?

In a traditional spectacle,  a pre-made spectacle lens having your standard spherical and cylindrical powers is fit into the chosen frame. Your optician will carefully match the geometric centre of the lens  to where your pupil rests naturally in a frame.

This makes for a comfortable viewing for most people.

In a spectacle lens, as we move away from the centre of the lens, the lens starts getting more and more away from your ideal power in the centre. 

Since the pre-made lens comes in a standard size , there is no way to control what power you will see from when you look through the parts of the lens away from the centre.

And  when you do see not from the centre of the lens, but from the corners or higher or lower up – you are seeing from an imperfect zone. Which in turn means you are not seeing as sharp and clear as you should.

This happens more so when your power ( spherical or cylindrical is higher) or when the frame you have chosen is either large, or very stylishly shaped ( but not geometrically ideal) 

Personalized Lenses are made to order for every frame you choose .

Your Optician uses a special set of measurements which includes 

  1. Your Power ( spherical cylindrical, axis and addition for near if required)
  2. The shape and size of your chosen frame.
  3. The point where your pupil centre matches the frame centre .( also where you do your near work from)
  4. The way the frame wraps around your face.
  5. The distance between your eye and the frame.
  6. The angle at which the frame slopes on your face. 

All these measurements are fed into a computer software. A very advanced algorithm then calculates the exact power at every 1/10th mm of the lens area that your lens should have when you see from angles or sideways or from any part of the lens.

The result – crisp, clear, focused vision from every part of the lens. No matter what your power, or not matter what frame shape you want to wear !

A simple example would be to see how a ready made suit of size 40 fits you. A size 40 does not take into consideration the fact that everyone with a chest size 40 could be a different size on their arms, their waist, their shoulders . 

Whereas when you get a custom made suit, the tailor takes measurements of all these aspects and makes you a suit perfectly suited to your body. 

Zylux Custom Engineered  Spectacle Lenses deploy the finest raw materials and the most advanced algorithms to create perfect vision for you – no matter what your prescription and what frame you have chosen. 

They are available for all age groups.